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Sock filter

Sock filter UVMILK®

Suitable for milking lines and parlours of different kinds

  • Due to multi-layered structure filtering cartridge retains even the smallest impurities and doesn’t get obstructed.
  • Made of food-grade polypropylene the filter has high durability and won’t be deformed or torn during the milking.
Low price
  • The price of UVMilk filter is comparable to the price of regular socks but there are more advantages.
Universal solution
  • UVMilk filters are fitted into sock filter housings of different kinds. No extra installations are required.
Simple to use
  • You don’t need to stop the milking to change the filtering element
Easy to change
  • The filter replacement takes less than 1 minute.
No pressure drop in the system.
  • Due to multi-layered structure the filter doesn’t get obstructed.
  • Visual inspection of UVMilk filters after filtering will let you see the impurities.

The filter cartridge

Is made of multi-layered polypropylene that retains dirt and bacteria and passes through molecules of milk

Removes the mechanical impurities up to

Retains small impurities up to
10 microns
in size
More than
50 layers
protects the milk from different contaminations
  • mastitis materials
  • mechanical impurities
  • blood splashes
  • hair
  • yogurts
  • condensed milk
  • boiled butter
  • nonconforming ice-cream
The viscosity of the milk products makes no difference due to the special structure of the filter cartridge.

UVMILK Sock filter is better than the regular sewed one

Compare Sock filter UVMilk with regular one-layered filter cartridges.

Sock filter UVMILK®
Purification method Multi-layered One-layered Bigger capacity
Material Can’t be torn Easily tears After the filter is torn the dirt comes into the milk and as a result you receive non-grade milk
Time for filter change Less than 1 minute 2 minutes No springs need to be installed
Action time During the whole milking 2-3 pices per milking You don’t need to stop the milking to change the filter
Losses of milk no 2 liters per 1 change There are milk leaks during the filter changing
Purification type Fine purification Primary purification Fine milk purification save about 2 liters of milk per shift
Price 0.7 0.7 The price of our equipment is comparable to
Usage Universal One-layered Sock filter UVMILK® can be installed in any milking lines of all kinds.
System operation no pressure decrease Easily tears As the pressure is lowered, a filter cartridge could be torn and the pump could be broken.

Installation scheme

Only 4 steps, there is no any springs and torn filters

Connect UVMILK filter with an adapter sleeve
Twist off the filter housing cover
Install UVMILK filter with an adaptor sleeve into the filter housing
Close the cover of the filter housing
The filtering system is ready to use!
UVMILK sock filters can fit into milking lines and parlours of different kinds (DeLaval, WestfaliaSurge, SAC, BOU-MATIC) etc.

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