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Filter cartridge UVMILK

Filter cartridge UVMILK

Increase the price per liter of milk
Increase the milk quality
Prevents the milk stone growth
Escalation expenditures 1% per year
Filter replacement takes only 1 minute
Milk losses are only 10 gr per one replacement

What impurities retain the filter

Remove up to 98% of mechanical impurities
Reduce the bacteria level
Reduce the SCC up to 50 %
Reduce the acidity level and increase the heat-resistance of milk
Retain suspended materials, feculences, burning, burnt sugar.

Filter replacement

You should to change the filter cartridge either after remaining life or at the end of the day.

The milk passes through all layers
If you do not change the filter on time, lactic bacteria and dirt will spoil the product


capacity up to
2 tons of milk
280 pieces in the box Price request
capacity up to
7 tons of milk
160 pieces in the box Price request
capacity up to
15 tons of milk
80 pieces in the box Price request
capacity up to
30 tons of milk
40 pieces in the box Price request
capacity up to
50 tons of milk
30 pieces in the box Price request
capacity up to
100 tons of milk
18 pieces in the box Price request

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